Before joining the Mundus programme, “globalisation” was just a word you might have seen in the books or heard in the news. However, as we all finally met and started to explore this borderless Mundus world together, the word started to be the reality. Whether in the classroom, library, canteen or somewhere in the city, we have always been surrounded by this all embracing feeling of being a part of something bigger, of being connected to each other and feeling grateful for it. Step by step, we moved forward in this new world facing all the challenges together as if we were the single whole. At the same time, each of us kept his or her own identity and cultural legacy paying respect to who we are and where we come from. And this is how actually globalisation works -- it brings and keeps us together although we all are different. It is a blending, a fusion, which has both “here” and “there”, “us” and “them”, local and global.
Erasmus Mundus Journalism 2014-16

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We are a diverse and mixed group consisting on both EU and non-EU students with the goal of becoming professional journalists.
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A word of our professors

Mundus journalism is respatializing in true colour.

Hans Henrik Holm

Hans Henrik Holm

Head of the DMJX and of the Board of Studies of the Erasmus Mundus Programme

Mundus journalism is bridging bridging between journalism, media and academia, bridging between cultures, disciplines and backgrounds. Mundus Journalism is solid and bridging for life!

Bettina Andersen

Bettina Andersen

Coordinator of the Erasmus Mundus Programme at the University of Aarhus

Mundus Journalism is a network of brilliant institutions and colleagues and great alumni and students

Inger Munk

Inger Munk

Head of the International Department of the DMJX

Mundus Journalism is an absolutely cool way of preparing yourself for in-depth coverage of trends in world politics. Together with people of your own age from virtually each and every corner of the world you learn to analyze pretty complicated stuff without getting lost. Great fun, too.

Mette Skak

Mette Skak

Associate Professor for Political Science at Aarhus University

Mundus Journalism is the best thing that ever happened to my skin.

Steffen Moestrup

Steffen Moestrup

Journalist and Research Fellow for Media Studies and Communication at Aarhus University


Hans Henrik Holm: Your First Obstacle

Hans Henrik Holm (Head of the DMJX and of the Board of Studies of the Mundus Programme) Hans Henrik Holm talks about his role in the programme and his experience […]

Bettina: Your First Encounter

Bettina Andersen (Mundus Coordinator AU) Bettina and her experience and task as the Mundus Programme Coordinator

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